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How it works

Every insole on the market today is sold as a pair that you trim the length than place in your shoe. 

At Insole By The Roll, we have developed a simple way to give the customer the opportunity to customize an insole as well as a simple flat insole. 

White Shoes
roll trace cut short bw.jpg

Replacing your insoles is a simple three step process:

  1. Unroll the insole material

  2. Trace your old insoles onto the new Insole By The Role material

  3. Cut out your new insoles

That's it!

What do you get?

For a completely different experience, you're not getting a pair of insoles, you get insole material by the roll.

Each roll has enough material for 1 pair of shoes up to size 12/13 foot.

insole layers.jpg
walk 1_edited.jpg


Some benefits to getting insoles by the roll include:

  • Any shoe, any size, any fit

  • Can send additional material to customize your insole experience

  • Special customization designs for heel spurs, high arches, etc.

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