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Our Story

2 years ago I was on a search for replacement insoles for my sports shoes that had large holes (Yup... those are my insoles that I actually kept. Don't ask me why, but I did).

After inspection I noticed that the holes were massive and the foam was compressed and no longer had any cushioning.

My socks were wearing out prematurely and my wife was getting tired of throwing all of the socks without heels. The jumping, twisting, and lunging was not only wearing away my socks but my heels were becoming rough and sore due to the abrasive fabric under the insole.


All of this compounded the soreness and pain I get in my heels, they were sore after my workouts because the impact was directly on my heel for every step.

Purple Sneaker

This is when I decide to do something about my situation rather than suffer through my socks getting destroyed as well as the pain and discomfort I was experiencing. I consider myself a bit of a thinker and a problem solver so I decided to look around for a solution to a problem that I was certain others were dealing with besides myself.


Immediately I discovered that there was no insole commercially available for sports that were light enough, thin enough or tough enough to withstand the punishment an insole will take during a game. The gel insoles are heavy and tend to be very soft and felt as if my foot was floating, and inside my shoe, I had no lateral support. This is a problem with all sports, you need a solid footing when you plant your foot and lunge or change direction.

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