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OUr mission statement

We believe in a safe and healthy work environment that starts from the ground up.


Insole by the roll is the first company to make an insole with square corners and that can be shipped BY THE ROLL.

We have created the most unique and innovative insole on the web. Take a look for yourself.. we couldn't find one.

We have taken a simple product and literally "cut corners" into our insoles and made them the most customizable insole on the market. Insole by the Roll can be cut to any shape you need, from heel to the toe... it is completely up to you. You can even add additional arch support as the shape of our pamphlet shows.

X-TRA Thick - INDUSTRIAL insole

Our X-TRA Thick insole (1/4" or 6mm in thickness) is a favorite with workers that spend hours on their feet on concrete that need X-TRA support and cushioning. Teachers, welders, mechanics and military personnel use this product and the reviews are AMAZING!

Sean G. says "my work boots are MORE comfortable than my sneakers with X-TRA thick insoles."

COMFORT insole - Single ply

comfort final 1800 x 1475 p.jpg

Our COMFORT insole (1/8" or 3mm in thickness) is the thinner insole we produce to provide relief in foot wear such as dress shoes and athletic shoes that require impact resistance without the additional height. Food service workers, teachers and nurses have also used COMFORT insoles and have given great reviews.

Tara W. told me "when I put my feet up at the end of the day and watch TV... the bottoms of my feet no longer burn."

why are insole by the roll so comfortable?

We start by using the best materials, then make the entire insole with them... no cutting corners and no compromise. Competitors use medium to high quality materials sparingly and INSOLE BY THE ROLL covers the entire foot.

COMFORT and X-TRA THICK insoles share the same medium-soft open cell foam that forms to your foot and provides full coverage.

Our X-TRA THICK insole adds a full layer of medium density rubber cork to the lamination. This combination acts like a dual action shock absorber that prevents the insole from "bottoming out" and provides endless cushion and support.

An added bonus ... foam insoles provide better balance that gel insoles!

When you wear gel insoles... does it feel like walking on a package of gummy candy? Stability and comfort are very important within the safety community and products that allows your foot to move are not as effective.

INSOLE BY THE ROLL makes old shoes and boots feel like new!

insole pressure points.jpg

Insole by the Roll covers your entire foot where some competitors focus on the heel and ball of foot.

Unique, Creative, Innovative are words our customers use to describe our products. Insole by the roll has taken the traditional insole and improved upon it. Our simplified shape allows you to choose any shape that fits all types of footwear. Our materials are the best in the industry and unique in the aftermarket insole market.

roll 2.jpg

We roll 'em


You trace 'em

cut 2.jpg

You cut 'em

Each package contains a single sheet of premium insole with enough material to fit a pair of size16 feet.


Our packaging is simple and efficient to give you what you need at an affordable price.

Trace your old insole directly onto INSOLE BY THE ROLL for a perfect fit. Or use our template that is located on the back of every package.


Our innovative design allows you to cut the perfect replacement for all footwear.

Now you cut!


It's that easy!

Test fit, then fine tune as needed.


Have you noticed everything wears out? Well...... Insoles are no different.

Footwear manufacturers provide a basic insole that provides the consumer with an initial "cushiony" feeling to make the buying experience more enjoyable. But this feeling was not designed to last. After a week of wear the insole begins to flatten and the cushion starts to fade. Take a look at the most recent pair of shoes you bought to see this for yourself.

Why do insoles lose their cushion and go flat?

Insoles typically consist of EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) foam that is lightweight and inexpensive to produce. EVA is made of tiny air bubbles (closed-cell) to provide cushioning to the soles of your feet. Each step compresses the foam and forces air out until the foam deforms and no longer provides cushioning.

How is Insole By The Roll different?

Our advanced open-cell technology has been engineered to support each cell that makes up the foam independently without the need to trap air for cushioning.

The concept is similar to drilling holes in a racquetball. The ball does not flatten because the ball is strong enough to stand on its own.

This allows for superior durability and performance over standard insoles.

Foam insoles (and midsole) are made of air bubbles. Over time these bubbles loose air.


Reduced cushioning increases plantar pressure that makes the bottom of you feet hurt.

OLD        VS        NEW

Custom sizes available upon request.

INSOLE BY THE ROLL's innovative design allows any length or width of foot to be fitted with our impact resistant insoles.

why by the roll?

Superior Comfort and Versatility

  • Designed with workers in mind

  • Improves balance and comfort

  • Bounces back to original shape

  • Resists moisture absorption
  • Guaranteed to fit any foot
Tying Shoelaces
Women's Race

Health Benefits

  • Great for standing, walking, running or exercise

  • Helps with burning feet, heel pain, foot pain, plantar pressure distribution, calf stiffness, etc.

  • Comfortable and pain free on all surfaces

Who's it for?

  • For anyone and everyone

  • Great support for any occupation (nurses, construction workers, etc.), exercising and sports

  • Buy for one pair of shoes or bulk order for many

ibtr insole fabric.jpg

Fabric Insole


Synthetic Leather Insole

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